Kim Chalifoux, CPS

Office Manager & Certified Peer Support

With 22 years in the professional field, she found her passion when starting in the Mental Health field nine years ago. She grew up gaining first hand experience with various mental health diagnoses, gaining first hand life experience in helping others. Using this experience, she focuses on connecting with others and helping any way possible through connectivity and compassion to help them feel accepted. 

Kim strives to make each and every individual that walks in the office recognize that they are important, special, and valued. She feels that her lifelong desire to help others has led her into this field, and she believes this is her calling. She wants people to remember her as a thoughtful, caring, and giving person.

Recently, Kim became a Certified Peer Support Specialist earning her certificate through the training and testing process Idaho requires. Ever since, Kim has "hit the ground running," providing the same levels of care and support she does in the office, out in the community. Kim loves to be in the mountains outside of work. She enjoys gardening and spending time with her family and pets.

"Every team needs a 'Kim'; but not every team deserves a 'Kim'." - Dane